Message from the Chair of Board of Trustees

Dear Parents,

May I warmly welcome you to our IUIS International School and I hope that you will be enlightened by our vision, strong academic philosophy, and relentless commitment to building highly educated, courteous, compassionate, creative and courageous young citizens of the world, while enhancing the individuality of each and every pupil.

We provide quality education from kindergarten, elementary to high school levels. Students will be awarded the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) every school year after passing state examination conducted by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports.

We are academically ambitious and will provide our students with all the support, help and guidance they need to ensure they develop their talents to the full and achieve results matching their potential. All students will receive academic excellence with a global dimension and a strong and enriching co-curricular emphasis. Our approach to sports and arts will be in a similar vein as we strongly believe they are essential to a well-balanced and successful life.

To make the World a smaller place for them, they will be welcomed to join our annual overseas study tours and/or homestay programs that enrich their international understandings as well as interpersonal skills development.

At IUIS, no one will ever fall behind and every pupil will be given all the tools to maximize their abilities and talents and achieve personal fulfilment at school and in society at large.

Once again, let’s thank you for your trust in us in this crucial mission. We look forwards to your constructive criticism for us to provide a true quality education for our children.

Yours faithfully,