IUIS Academic Committee

Prof. Dr. Sabo Ojano
Hon. Chair (MD, PhD, Russia)

Dr. Darariddh Ek
Chair (BA, DPhil, Sri Lanka and USA)

Dr. Prudent Injeeli
Vice Chair for Secondary Education (BA, PhD, India and USA)

Dr. Nhasty Enamo
Vice Chair for Primary Education (MA, the Philippines)

Mr. David Moller
Head, Foreign Languages (BA, TEFL Cert., South Africa)

Mrs. Sophanna Hang
Head, Mathematics (BSc., Cambodia)

Mr. Songheang Ai
Head, Social Sciences (BSc., MA, South Korea)

Mr. El Vanny
Head, Khmer Language (BA, Cambodia)

Mr. Sovuthy Mey
Head, Chemistry and Science Laboratory (BSc., Dip., Indonesia and Japan)

Mrs. Samnang Khek
Head, Physics (BSc., MSc., Cambodia and Japan)

Miss. Indravina Tan
Head, Biology (MD, Cambodia)

Mr. James Dumar, Head
ICT and Multi Media Communication (Cisco Cert., USA)

Mr. Kiyong Ryu
Head, Music and Physical Education (BA, South Korea)