Mission & Vision

IUIS is here to promote and raise the standard and quality of school education as well as create a friendly learning-atmosphere where children grow to be resourceful intellectuals that will best serve their people, their community as well as their country.

Our belief

Based on available resources, we strongly believe that we are able to educate and equip our students well with excellent knowledge, creativity, self-problem -solving skills, morality and values for themselves, their families and society.

Our National and International Accreditation

​​​​ ​​​​

IUIS is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Like students from public schools, IUIS students will be awarded Upper –Secondary Education Diploma after their successful graduation exam organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

​​ ​​​

IUIS has tied up with International Institute of Education (IIE) for student exchange, student transfer, study tours, and homestay programs thru Asia, Europe, and USA.

Beyond a school, IUIS is TOEFL ITP Testing Center authorized by ETS TOEFL ITP.

Language and Science Focus

Given the new trend of globalization, need of the labor market, particularly in the age of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), English is a language for learning, teaching, and communication among students, staff, and teachers. They will be also driven to the excellence in science as it is the core knowledge of all disciplines. They will have to take advanced math programs and pure science courses as compulsory subjects.