• High School Education Programs (Grade 10)

    1. English Language
    2. Khmer Language
    3. Mathematics
    4. Science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry)
    5. Social Studies
    6. Physical Education (PE)
    7. Computer Studies
    8. Life Skill Programs (LSP)
  • High School Education Programs (Grade 11-12)

    • Compulsory Subjects

      1. English Language
      2. Khmer Language
      3. Advanced Mathematics
      4. Physical Education
    • Electives

      1. Science (Biology/Physics/Chemistry/Earth and Environmenttal Studies)
      2. Social Studies
      3. Computer Studies
      4. EVEP (ICT/Business/Economics/Tourism/Vocational & Technical Training/Arts)


  • All courses are conducted in English language. Students whose English language proficiency is yet low will have to attend extra course at IUIS English Language Academy.
  • Full-day students may choose to attend a BONUS foreign language class (Chinese/Korean/Japanese) for FREE.